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The Icon Journal

of comfy_slippers

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Iconomize - Graphics by comfy_slippers
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About the Community
Basically I, comfy_slippers, decided that I wanted to get a journal specifically for all of my graphics. So I decided to make a community so that a)all of my graphics could be easily found in one place & b)if people actually like my work, they can friend me.

But truthfully, I'm not expecting much since I don't own any super awesome image editing programs like Photoshop, and I'm still trying to learn how to use all of the different tools available in GIMP.
The Rules
1. If you take any icons (or other graphics), you don't have to comment, but I appreciate it if you do. :)

2. Always, always, ALWAYS credit either comfy_slippers or iconomize if you take any icons (or other graphics).

This is how to credit in case if you don't know how:
For other graphics, such as LJ headers/colorbars/etc., I'd appreciate it if you'd credit me for making the graphic somewhere on your LJ profile so that people know where it came from if they'd like to find more graphics by me.

The only time you DON'T have to credit is when you take any icon bases. Those are for you to have fun with and turn into your own icons, because all I did was crop/resize them to be 100x100. If I have bases to share, I separate them from the regular icons, so look for an LJ-cut that says "The Bases" so you know what's safe to snag. :)

3. If you like my work and want to friend this community, go right ahead!
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